2019-04-28 Maura at iFly

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Some video of Maura skydiving at iFly

2019-04-28 Finn at iFly

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Some videos of Finn skydiving at iFly

2019-04-24 Agnes Irwin Fourth Grade Robotics Competition

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Siobhan and the 4th grade at The Agnes Irwin School had their robotic competition today.  I was very impressed and proud of all of their hard work that went into designing and building the robots.

AIS 2019 4th Grade Robotics Competition

2019-04-21 Easter

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Some pictures of Easter dinner, egg hunt and Cole’s birthday.


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2019-04-21 Bunny Rice Krispie Treats

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Bridget’s bunny creation for Easter!

2019-04-14 Maura swinging outside

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2019-04-12 Maura’s new reading nook in office

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So Maura created herself a comfy new little reading nook, “in order to get away from the other 2”, behind one of our chairs in the corner of the office.  Looks so cozy.

2019-04-12 Finn and Daddy at Famous Men Presentations

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Picture of Finn and I from this morning before his famous men presentation.

2019-04-12 Finn’s Poem

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Poem that Finn wrote at school

My brain is like my connection to my eyes
My feet are like support beams
My ears are like cables to sound
My mouth is compassionate
My heart holds honor that is as yellow as sand
I live in a house
And eat mac and cheese

2019-04-12 Finn’s Famous Men Presentation at The Haverford School

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Finn has his famous men presentation at school today.  His famous man was Louis Armstrong, jazz musician.  He also did a presentation about another famous man, his dad, was very touching.

My dad always takes me to roller skate and I like it when he teaches me.  My dad and I love to fly drones.  My dad and I travel together so were not separated.  My dad and I have a time together called special time and I love him.

Here’s a video of his presentation: