2019-03-20 Search for Jack Updates

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UPDATE: Jack is back home!

So we are still searching for Jack. Monday I took my drone out and did a survey of the closest areas to our house from I-476 along and below Lancaster Ave.

The resolution allows for some pretty good details to be seen.

I don’t expect to be able to find Jack because he is pretty small, but in reviewing these I can pinpoint areas where he may be seeking shelter.

Some good news, we got a few phone calls and neighboors that reached out to us yesterday with Jack sightings.  He was seen along that I-476 barrier on Willowburn Rd & Highfield Rd, and along around the same area off of Hill Side Circle.  He was seen as late as last evening around 5:45p.  We did search those areas again last night but no signs of him, but will try again tonight.

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