Father’s Day Present

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My lovely, thoughtful and talented wife took the following pictures of Siobhán and put them into a 3 picture frame for my first Father’s Day present:

20090618-24425.jpg 20090618-24431.jpg 20090618-24421.jpg

These are all pictures that Bridget took with her new camera that I got her for Mother’s Day

She went out and bought the letters (and was smart enough to know she just needed a single “D”!), dressed up Siobhán in a cute dress my mom got for her, and then patiently took a few hundred pictures in order to get the ones above!

She then downloaded all of the pictures into Adobe Lightroom (which I was very impressed she was able to figure out), and then printed the 3 above ones and put them into a photo frame for me for Father’s Day!

It was such a wonderful present!

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  • Jennifer K. Jun 23, 2009 Link

    How creative, way to go Bridget! Oh, and of course Siobhan looks adorable, as always!