Hey it’s Chilly in Here!

Pictures, Siobhan Fiona

After getting yet another large propane bill for a tank fill up after only a little more then a month going by, Bridget and I decided to turn down the thermostat a bit.  We turned it down from the nice comfortable 72 degree level we are used to to 68 degrees.  This is about as low as we can go with little Siobhán (although her room is still in the 70s at night).

As you can see, she is trying to keep warm by dressing in the nice sweater and hat that her Aunt Holly got for her. Bridget (who loves it when it’s 90 degrees out) is coping by adding a few (6 or 7?) layers of blankets to our bed!  As for me, my mom keeps her thermostat in the 50s, so I am more able to cope with the change.

Here’s our cutie pie:

20090115-21504.jpg 20090115-21509.jpg 20090115-21513.jpg 20090115-21519.jpg 20090115-21522.jpg
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  • Mom Jan 16, 2009 Link

    The 50 degrees comes from my Irish heritage (your Nan & Pop) of not wanting to pay for utilities!!!! Likewise, the air conditioner gets set at 80 degrees!!! However, we do turn the heat up when grandchildren visit……..must be why Don keeps asking when the grandkids are coming over 🙂

  • ELizabeth aka Grammy Jan 16, 2009 Link

    For real 50 degrees??? I can’t stand it if it gets higher than 68, but I never heard of keeping it that low. She looks warm and toasty – thank God I got her those warm PJ’s for Xmas.