Siobhán’s Baptism Pictures

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We had our lovely daugther Siobhán Baptised at St. Agnes Parish in West Chester. Her Godparents are Jenn Karsch and Herb Hutchinson.

My dad was nice enough to take pictures of the service:

20081123-20074.jpg 20081123-20094.jpg 20081123-20097.jpg 20081123-20102.jpg 20081123-20113.jpg 20081123-20121.jpg 20081123-20109.jpg 20081123-20116.jpg 20081123-20118.jpg

And here are some pictures back at our house afterwards:

20081123-20125.jpg 20081123-20154.jpg 20081123-20156.jpg

20081123-20133.jpg 20081123-20161.jpg 20081123-20166.jpg 20081123-20171.jpg 20081123-20176.jpg 20081123-20190.jpg 20081123-20197.jpg

Thanks to everyone that was there to celebrate with us!

You can see all of the pictures here, or view a slideshow here.

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