Nicole and Brianna’s Baptism

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Bridget and I attended Nicole and Brianna’s Baptism on Saturday.  It was very nice and it was a beautiful day to celebrate with friends and family welcoming Nicole and Brianna to the Catholic Church.  The girls looked beautiful and behaved like little angels with no crying, even when the water was poured over their heads.

Here are some of the pictures that I took:

20080914-17057 20080914-17081 20080914-17144 20080914-17157 20080914-17065 20080914-17073 20080914-17075 20080914-17077 20080914-17165 20080914-17172 20080914-17181 20080914-17214 20080914-17186 20080914-17212

You can see all of the pictures here.

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  • Barb Kelleher Sep 18, 2008 Link

    Thanks Chris! These are great!!!

    A few people in my twins club are looking for beach photographers. Are you willing to work in South Jersey? If so, I will send them your information.

    Thanks Again,

  • Hi Barb! I am so glad that you like the pictures. I ordered a proof book of all of the pictures so you’ll have them to look at and share, and can get prints made of any ones you want.

    Sure, I would be able to work in the South Jersey area and at the beach… feel free to send over anyone that is interested to my website at