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I just wanted to share our LGB train display that we have up this year.  I really love putting the trains together and running them around the track, and Mom does a wonderful job of decorating the platform.  And for Christmas this year I even got 3 passenger cars which I was so excited about!  I remember having HO scale trains up every year at Christmas when I was younger and always loved them, and now I enjoy the LGB ones even more because of the level of detail that goes into them and that they are very collectable.

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  • stevek Dec 26, 2006 Link

    i have train envy! we need to get some trains for next year.

  • Chris Dec 26, 2006 Link

    I never thought that I would enjoy the trains so much, but they are nice to have up at Christmas time… especially for the kids (I’m sure Madeline would love them) or kids at heart like me!

    You just need to watch out for the little furry ones to make sure they don’t do any damage. Halley hates the trains when they are running mostly because of the noise, so he likes to try to jump up onto the train platform (which we already have at a 3 foot height) and eat the trains! I know the locomotive had some Halley damage the needed to be repaired!

  • Jennifer K. Dec 29, 2006 Link

    Very nice, can’t wait to see the display in person!!! Your new web design looks great too by the way =) See you on Saturday!

  • Chris Dec 29, 2006 Link

    Hi Jenn, yes can’t wait to have you guys over to see it!

    Thanks for the comments on the site. Bridget didn’t like the old site at all, and I really liked what Steve did with his site and blogging and got the ideas from there… I’m even using WordPress as well.

    Seeya Saturday!