2019-03-24 Finn playing his new electric guitar

2019-03-24 Siobhán Running

2019-03-24 Maura Running

2019-03-19 Haverford School Egypt Museum

Finn and the 3rd grade at The Haverford School had their Egyptian museum and displays today.  Very impressed with all of their hard work that went into designing the set and props to learning all of the materials.


2019-03-16 Siobhan Soccer Game

Some pictures of Siobhan and her team playing their last soccer game of the seaon.

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2019-03-16 Dancing at Finn’s Birthday Party

Lots of dancing fun at the end of Finn’s cooking class birthday party today

2019-03-16 Finn’s Wrestling Team

Finn and the rest of his wrestling team on their last day of practice.

2019-03-09 Updated Passport Photos

Got some updated photos today so Bridget can complete the Irish citizenship paperwork for the kids

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